Brad Pitt has set the record straight. The 58-year-old actor stated in a recent interview that he believed

he was on the "last leg" of his career. This led to some believing he was declaring his retirement from the entertainment industry.

During the premiere of his movie Bullet Train in Los Angeles, Monday, August 1, he was asked about the speculation. He seemed shocked that his comments were interpreted this way.

Brad laughed, and then replied, "No, that's not what I meant... I really need to improve my phrasing."

"I was just saying that I'm past middle age and want to be precise about how I spend those last few things, however, they may be," he said, per Deadline.

The Academy Award-winner answered that he didn't have a 5-year plan in mind when he was asked. I just do what feels right for me at the moment. That's how I operate.