The group announced the news via an Instagram post, which reads: "We are deeply grateful for the time we have spent together.

Our affection for him never ceases as we send him nothing less than the best in his future endeavors.

Ebert has yet to make a statement on the reason he left the group and no specifics regarding the reasons have been provided.

However, he's not performing with them in recent live concerts and has Greg Cerwonka of Taking Offense as his replacement on tour.

"Glow On," a new album recorded by the Baltimore group in August last year, NME's Will Richards was awed by the band's

boundaryless approach to experimentation" and wrote: "This is an album that shuns almost any traditional categorization, and is all the more thrilling for it.

Yates said: "We decided that we needed to try something new with this record as regards the recording procedure was concerned,

mostly because we wanted to be sure that we were not overconfident. Each record is an opportunity to grow. This is a great opportunity to learn.