A former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star Taylor Armstrong and Brandi Glanville were reunited on Real Housewives:

"You're gonna see some ups and downs with us, and I think that we have such a long history that there are some tensions," Armstrong,

In other aspects, we have some kind of familial bond with one another It's as if you're being in a battle with your mother.

"It was so disgusting for me ... it was the worst f-king time of my life," Glanville revealed on RHUGT along with Real Housewives of Orange County alumni Tamra Judge.

I had the most miserable every year in my entire life that particular season. She added, "I loved [Taylor and Russell[Taylor and Russell]. It was insane.

"I could not believe she was saying this was probably the most painful one of her lives. After all the things that and what my daughter endured she didn't have a connection with Russell.

She said it was difficult was to listen to Glanville declare that she "didn't know what was real" regarding the allegations of abuse Taylor endured from her former ex

This is a real challenge for me, particularly since I am so involved in the prevention of domestic violence as well as working alongside 

survivors as well as victims. I am also speaking all over the world and am extremely public regarding my advocacy.

Brandi Glanville