Batgirl is an odd film for many reasons, planned to launch on HBO Max but seemingly aims to be part of the bigger DCEU movie,

'Batgirl' Movie

which includes the appearance of the voice of Michael Keaton's Batman and Justice League's J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon.

Of all the projects that were to be pulled from Warner Bros. Discovery within their DC shakeup and the reality 

the fact that Batgirl was almost completed and was also active in marketing at the time of its cancellation

 Leslie Grace Reaction

made it a lot more difficult to understand for both people who loved the show and those working in the industry.

Brendan Fraser is making a return to Hollywood at the moment and, while his role on The Whale is anticipated to make his return to the screen in a significant manner, 

Batgirl was also expected to be a major part of his return. However, despite how it came out, Fraser had nothing but positive things to say about his co-stars, saying:

"Leslie Grace is her namesake. She's dynamic. She gave a great performance. She's a stone-cold professional. You're going to see more from her. And I'm looking forward to it."

The remarks made by Brendan Fraser are very much an echo of the praise Leslie Grace heaped on him just prior to when Batgirlwas cancelled.

He spoke about the dynamic between them on the set and also the fact that it was difficult to work with 

the character of a villain, considering the fact that he's "such a huge teddy bear" in real life. He added: