Oscar award-winning actor Brie Larson has decided that today is the perfect day, again, to slip into bikinis and do some silly dance moves on her witty Instagram. Bravo to her.

As summer begins to wind down within the northern part of the hemisphere Captain Marvel actor is making the most of her seemingly endless wardrobe of summer clothes,

as her latest post on social media shows her dancing in an aquatic suit. The caption reads "What is it that I am dancing to? 

Answers that aren't right only." The comments section is filled with suggestions. The majority of songs are Taylor Swift songs.

For brand synergy, she should listen to Alan Silvestri's music from The Avengers, or maybe the music comes taken from Fast and Furious.

Larson has been able to see her name get larger and better in Hollywood from her early performances as Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and The Spectacular Now,

with her character being the face in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Carol Danvers or Captain Marvel. 

Not content to be an original woman to direct an action film that is worth billions of dollars and has also been added to the cast of the forthcoming Fast & Furious 10.

Larson appeared in the the end of Ms. Marvel setting the stage for the film following the building-up in anticipation of an appearance.