A new Britney Spears dance video dropped on Saturday, direct from her Studio to Instagram.

Britney Spear

Spears rocked shoes and red clothing in the clip while singing to Portugal. The Man's hit song from 2017 "Feel It Still" -with lots of attitudes, hair flips, and a grin.

"Just having fun at the dance studio! !" she playfully captioned her dance video on the weekend (Aug. 20).).

Many of the fans were simply thrilled to watch the video as others commented via the post that they'd seen the dance video a similar one earlier.

Whatever the case the new music of Spears is coming soon The release date is August. 26 is the date for "Hold Me Closer,"

the pop singer as well as Elton John's revamp of the 1972 hit "Tiny Dancer." "Hold Me Closer" will mark Spears the first time

she has returned to music after the end of her thirteen-year stint as a conservator was over.

Britney Spear