Britney Spears' kids have been staying clear of the "Toxic" artist for months now, as per their father, Kevin Federline.

The boys have decided that they haven't seen her at the moment," K-Fed said. "It's been a while since they've last seen her. They decided not to attend her wedding.

Federline 44, who is a singer, stated to the publication that Federline along with his children was agitated over an accusation Spears made via Instagram in April,

accusing him of refusing to have a meeting with her while she was expecting a son with her. Federline has threatened to bring a case against his wife in connection with the now deleted post.

The whole thing was difficult to watch, more difficult to endure, and harder to see my boys through as any other thing,"

the backup dancer was reported to have said about the media flurry that surrounded the month of November

that ended the conservatorship she was in. "It's been a struggle. It's the most challenging experience I've had to face in my life.

Her relationship with her children was calm and stable, however, it had recently become strained because of unspecified events that her sons observed during visits to Mom, Federline said.

"There were many things happening that I was not comfortable with," he cryptically told the outlet.

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