Britney Spears was adamant after she was told by a Catholic congregation in Italy recently stated that Spears never inquired about choosing the place for her marriage.

The internet was abuzz with criticism about me not having asked to marry at the church I had in mind. This is because the church has said that I didn't ask.

I engaged a wedding planner who had performed Madonna's wedding as well as many additional ... He was very expensive,

and my initial desire was to be married in the church that is shown. This was the only photo I had and I sent it to him via my phone at my home.

I was told six weeks after ... that I was unable to not be married there. !!!" Spears said she "was told no" when she sought to marry at the church during the outbreak.

It's nothing to worry about however I don't like being accused of being a liar their church says that I didn't have a question.

!!!" for permission to use that pop star. "Pssss ... that church I'm picturing is St. Peter's Basilica in Italy ... not the Santa Monica Church.

In the past month Spears has criticized the Church for not allowing her wed Sam Asghari at the house of prayer since

she's not a member in good standing. "Isn't the church supposed to be open to everyone?" ????" she wrote on social media.