Jason Aldean's spouse claimed that she received so much support from country music fans after being backlash over a transphobic post on Instagram.

Brittany Aldean, Fox News's Tucker Carlson Tonight Thursday, said: "So much support. So much support."

When asked about Nashville's reaction to the news, Brittany Aldean replied to Fox News's "Tucker Carlson Tonight Thursday." "Especially those who have children."

Brittany admitted, however, that she had received some negative comments from the "other side".

Brittany Aldean claims she got Support

She said, "People have the right to their opinions. But that's it. We as conservatives have a very difficult time having an opinion in today's society."

It's very sad, but I've received a lot of support from Nashville, friends, and family.

Brittany Aldean claims she got Support

Brittany posted a Reel on Aug. 23 to her 2.3 Million Instagram followers. In it, she thanked her parents for "not altering" her gender during her "tomboy" phase.

During Thursday's interview, she stated that "I am advocating for children." "I believe that children shouldn't be allowed to make life-changing decisions at this young age.

Brittany concluded that "and us parents and we as a society should be able sit back and speak our minds about this and fight for these kids," Brittany said.