Are you burying the hatchet? Brittany Aldean posted a scathing message about overcoming others "outrage" following her accusation of making racist comments.

The act of compassion is not just beneficial to the world, but it also benefits you." said a quote posted on the 34-year-old's Instagram Story on Tuesday, August 30.

"We're being surrounded by a time filled with unending anger. Everyone is a victim of everything. If you don't have any reason to be angry there is a reason. Don't be one of them."

The clip originally published by host of the podcast Kayla Barnes, suggested that listeners be a good person.

"Try to reach a common understanding, display compassion, and be aware that, most of the times that someone is projecting their anger

on you it's an expression of their unhappiness and even brokenness within." the quote went on to say. 

"Be good. Even when you don't wish to. In time, it will become your normal response. Your mood and general happiness will be boosted.

Aldean's post is not so cryptic. It comes after she was criticized by Cassadee's Pope and Maren Morris for the way

she compared the time she was a child in her "tomboy period" to someone's journey of changing. 

Brittany Aldean Suggestion

"I'd really like to say thank you to my parents for not changing my gender as I entered my tomboy stage. I am loving this girly lifestyle,"

the former American Idol contestant posted a caption to an august 23 Instagram video, in which she showed the world her daily beauty routine.

The couple's husband Jason Aldean was also a part of the conversation with jokes in the comments section noting "Lmao I love you! I'm glad that they didn't because we wouldn't have gotten along .