LeBron James asked this week whether Brittney Griner feels like America is there for her. This is a valid inquiry, especially considering the showboating many are doing to her.

This is right: large numbers of Americans and some who proudly proclaim themselves "patriots," are dunking on Griner as she is rotting in the confines of a Russian prison.

Brittney Griner

This is yet another tragic example of the toxic debate that dominates discussions around almost all issues, 

not to mention one that involves an Olympic gold medalist, who is detained as a political prisoner.

Brittney Griner mocked

Griner attended court on Thursday when two members of her Russian basketball team, including one of her teammates and the club's general manager,

were able to defend her character. In the last week, Griner pleaded guilty to drug-related criminal charges in connection with allegations

that she tried to transport a vape pen using marijuana at Moscow Airport. Griner could be sentenced to as long as 10 years in jail.

Russian prosecutor claimed that there was less than one gram of hashish-infused oil with smoking cartridges from Griner. Griner says she did not intend to violate the law.

The reason Griner even played basketball in Russia is a sign of the massive inequality in American sports.

The most successful WNBA players are often overseas as they're not properly paid for their skills when they play in the U.S.

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For instance, Griner earns approximately $230,000 per year when playing with The Phoenix Mercury.