Brittney Griner is currently directly reaching out to president Biden as well as President Biden and the White House.

The WNBA player is currently in Russian custody following her arrest at an airport in the spring of this year.

Brittney Griner

Griner was alleged to have had oil inside a vape pen at the time she was detained at the Russian airport. Griner has been in Russian detention since.

As Griner is awaiting the possibility of trial, she sent an email directly to president Biden along with Biden and the White House on Monday.

This WNBA star is seeking out Biden to allow her to return home along with other American detainees to their homes.

Fans of the sport are hopeful of seeing Griner back in the near future. "This entire thing is so sour," one fan tweeted.

"This is truly heartbreaking," one fan added. "Both Cherelle and now BG herself are asking Biden to do just about every single thing that they can," another fan tweeted.

The wife of Griner, Cherelle, has also directly addressed President Biden as well as Cherelle Griner has also made a direct appeal to President Biden and the White House.

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We hope to be able to see Griner returning to American ground soon.

Brittney Griner