The Brad Pitt-starring film has the largest overseas opening for a non-IP studio movie ever since Tenet and is also tracking similarly with Murder On The Orient Express

Similar to Stateside the reactions of audiences are higher than those in other countries as well, and there are several important markets to be discovered as the holiday season continues.

It's a major weekend considering Bullet Train is the final major studio tentpole for the summer.

Bullet Train Movie

let's skip one step back and observe the fact that Jurassic World Dominion is now the number 2 grosser in the world for 2022.

Bullet Train, the overseas production was led by the UK with the UK leading the way with a $3.5M starting point

Other market launches are that of the UAE's $1.3M. Germany's $1.5M, Spain's $1.4M, and Taiwan's $1.3M. The IMAX part that makes up the bow global is $4.1M.

Markets with key information to be released: South Korea (24-Aug), Italy (25-Aug), and Japan (1-Sept).

In its pre-weekend forecasts, the Sony Bullet Train pulled into 57 foreign markets in anticipation of the $32.4M worldwide box office debut.

If you include those who have seen the domestic beginning, the global launch will be $62.5M.

Bullet Train Movie