Kia Proctor her former lover and mother of Cam Newton's four children, says that the former ball player didn't keep his word on their custody arrangement for a temporary period.

The court battles between the ex-loved one started in the year 2019 when Newton brought a suit against his ex-partner for paternity.

Newton then sought the child's support as well as custody rights to be decided by the judge. After the paternity of their four children of his was found, 

Proctor then countersued for $15,000 per monthly child support. The ongoing case also covered Proctor's monthly utility and expense insurance.

Proctor says she pays $14,268.00 each month in support. This pays for various expenses.

Cam Newton's Ex Says NFLer Refuses

From September 2020 until July 2022 she was charged $5,500 in cable costs as well as $6,600 in Internet charges,

$4,725 for power bills, and $4,532 to pay for gas. The total amount due is $21,357. Additionally, Proctor also wants Newton to pay her $2,000 to pay her legal expenses.

In the event that he fails to make payments, Proctor has asked a judge to declare Newton as a contemptible person in the court. 

This could be due to the possibility that Newton has not produced certain financial documents required for the two to go back to the court.