Cardi B has finally shared her secrets to hair! sharing how she's able to make her hair look so shiny, and also encouraging it to grow.

But, what she's up to could surprise many of her fans! As per Cardi that all she's actually doing is wash her hair in boiling onion water!

My two washes in the last 2 days I've made by boiling onions, and then making use of shampoo to clean my hair," she told her followers in her caption for her blog post.

The singer added that she did this frequently "6 years ago when I began my healthy growing hair journey. I stopped because I became very lazy.

"It smells odorless, and I've noticed that it has been adding an opulence to my hair," she claims.

Cardi B

Incorporating onion into a hair care routine could be beneficial because of "the antioxidant and antimicrobial benefits" of the plant that could "help to grow hair or improve its appearance.

Based on Tiffany Young who is a certified trichologist and the chief executive officer of ThinHairThick,

Onion juice has the potential to boost hair follicles, which can then increase hair growth. It also functions as an antiseptic. 

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Hair loss that results due to inflammatory illness, poor blood flow, or a bad diet can reap a positive effect.