Cardi B is open about having the plastic procedure. A 29-year-old "Up" rapper said in an Instagram Story on Wednesday  that she would like to have a tummy tuck.

In the video, Cardi shows off her dress before drawing the focus to her stomach, declaring "it's giving tummy tuck."

She pulled her skin, and said "Like, it's not bad but I just don't like this extra little skin."

Cardi B 

The actress said that her body is "a little heavier than usual," she added to her stomach "I do not like it. I'd like to get rid of this."

Cardi B Slams Troll

Cardi who was born to child Wave on September 19, said"I believe that Wavey proved me wrong, and I can't wait

to belt out this track and do more things to take the ,fout and perform my f---ing operation. I'm done with it.

"I and surgery go together bad," she said. Since the birth of her Wave, Cardi hasn't shied from talking about how she's changed post-baby.

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