If you've been watching Cardi B's "healthy hair journey" for the past couple of years, you'll be aware that she's a huge DIYer.

Hair masks are something she makes for her daughter Kulture as well as uses at-home conditioners to improve her curly hair and,

allegedly washes her hair using boiling onion water. Before you scratch your head over the boiled onion you can hear"W.A.P. "W.A.P." singers.

In my last two washes, I've made a mess of boiling onions and then used this water for washing my hair.

This was something I did about six years ago when I began my hair growth journey," she captioned an Instagram post from the weekend.

Cardi B

I put it off because I became extremely lazy. It's not odorless, and I'm noticing that it's added my hair a shiny look.

Do you doubt the onion water technique, you won't, but the evidence is evident in the photo. Their hair of Cardi is incredibly shiny and healthy.

Hair loss that results due to inflammatory illness, poor blood flow, or a bad diet can reap a positive effect.