If Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck return to the DCEU The DCEU will likely be for much more than just minor roles.

The fate of Henry Cavill's Superman and Ben Affleck's Batman has been questioned points that merit the Riddler following the publication of Justice League.

Affleck completely resigned from his role as Batman and then returned to a variety of supporting roles following Justice League's Snyder Cut was revealed. 

As for the rest of us, Henry Cavill and Warner Bros not negotiating an agreement that would have kept him without a cape for a long time with nonsensical Superman appearances replacing his.

Announcing Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck returning as DCEU's Superman and Batman could provide a sense of certainty about

the future that DC fans and the general public have been waiting for for a long time for the future of

Cavill & Affleck's DCEU Returns

the franchise partly due to the amount of certainty an announcement would demand internally in Warner Bros. Discovery.

If the news comes out that Cavill as well as Affleck returning for another time Fans and the public are assured that all details will have been removed simply due to necessity.

The details of what Cavill or Affleck's comebacks may appear like is an entirely different issue entirely.

A World's Best partnership or the Cavill's Superman finally battling Black Adam are scenarios of similar

Cavill & Affleck's DCEU Returns

resemblance to Cavill is the star of Man of Steel 2 or Affleck's Batman vs. Deathstroke movie being in the process of being made.

However, Cavill and Affleck's long absences confirm that there will be huge plans for the possible return of either.