Chanel Haynes is talking about her role with Tina at Tina on West End in London. She, the singer who was the leading part in the musical is believed to have been

removed from the show after traveling from Italy in order to sing in concert with the Rolling Stones in Milan.

Chanel had received a request from The Stones to fly from London to Milan to take over the role of their backup singer Sasha Allen, who was forced to quit

The song she sang"Gimme Shelter "Gimme Shelter" is a major element of the group's set list. after listening to some Chanel's prior performances

I'm not sure when exactly I received the call since I'm not able to provide dates," she shared with the publication. "But I'll inform you it was just a little notification.

There was very little. Everyone was biting their nails. "How do we achieve this?' I'll tell you, the machine that the Stones

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They're equipped with the same kind of staff. The next thing I knew I was on a plane heading to Milan.

I'll tell you that if you're in the West End, there's no one who can shut down a show," she added. "It's not intended to be that way. All was well.

There was a concert and it was on in Milan, and the same was true for the show by the Stones in Milan. Every show was a success and I was very happy with that.