Charli D'Amelio has been using Landon Barker for support in the ballroom.

Charli D’Amelio: Landon Barker

The TikTok star - - who is competing in the 31st season of "Dancing With the Stars" also shared the extent to which she is "excited"

her boyfriend is to cheer her on during the contest alongside his father, Travis Barker, and his step-mom Kourtney Kardashian.

"Landon knows it's me who's doing all this. He's there with me throughout the entire process of this journey.

Travis and Kourtney, I talked to them about it and they were incredibly excited also," D'Amelio, 18 said to Page Six following the show's casting reveal in "Good Morning America."

"I think, overall, it's just going to be really fun and I have a very great group around me." D'Amelio said that Landon who is also 18, is "awesome" at hyping her up.

"I'm glad he's gonna be there supporting me," she said about the "Die in California" singer "Die in California" singer whom she has been seeing for a while since the beginning of June.

"He's super excited about me. He's always so adorable and happy when I'm thrilled regarding something."

In addition to getting backing from both the Barkers along with the Kardashian Jenner clan She also has

the highest number of Instagram followers among all of her contenders, with 49.1 million and counting.