It is saddening to hear the news this morning. I feel it because I had an abortion when I was 18. I wouldn't be here today if it weren't for Planned Parenthood.

"You are removing women's rights, bodies, and freedom. Right? Our bodies don't have anything to do with anyone else. She said that this is a crucial decision we must make.

In the video, she explains that she had made the decision to have an abortion because she was going through "a huge transition" in her life.

Safe sex was what I was doing. She said that she was using protection, and was also on birth control. "I was only two weeks pregnant when my abortion was performed.

It was traumatizing to see Picketers carrying anti-abortion signs as I walked up to Planned Parenthood. The whole thing is traumatizing,

and it's even worse that you made it illegal for women to make these decisions about their bodies.

She 'Wouldn't Be Sitting Here' Without It

Burke added: It's not my business, and I'm glad that I made that choice. It's not something I regret, and it doesn't come with any shame. It's not a shame that I have chosen to share it now.