The majority of NFL penalties are explained and have a rational explanation, whether it's offsides or a fake start, or pass interference. In the Sunday afternoon game with two teams, 

the Chicago Bears and the San Francisco 49ers The Bears were penalized with a bizarre penalty that could have cost them scoring a field goal.

The rainy weather forced the teams to think of some creative ways to combat the humid and wet playing field since the playing surface was saturated in standing water throughout the game. 

In warmups, the teams both had trouble kicking the ball due to the playing surface that was flooded which is why,

before they attempted the long field goal during the 2nd quarter the holder Trenton Gill brought out a towel to attempt to dry out the field.

For Gill along with the Bears Gill, he was penalized with a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct since it's not allowed to take a towel on the field by law.

"Bears holders Trenton Gill was just called for an unsportsmanlike conduct reprimand for carrying a towel onto the field as he tried to 

dry the kicking surface off prior to a field goal attempt." NFL Insider Field Yates of ESPN tweeted on Sunday.

The penalty of 15 yards was costly, as it took the Bears away from field goal range and forced the team to punt.

The Bears eventually prevailed 19-10 So the penalty didn't affect them too much. However, it was an odd penalty that could be costing them money at the moment.