Imagine a world in which Chris Hemsworth wasn't Th?! The 38-year-old actor was promoting Thor: Love and Thunder when

he recalled his audition for the role of the Marvel hero. He revealed that Luke Hemsworth, one of his brothers, almost played the role.

Chris revealed that "my little brother nearly got cast as Thor." Chris stated. "But, who knows what the future holds.

As you said, it has opened up a multitude of options that we can go in or be taken in.

 Chris Hemsworth

Chris believes that if they decide to explore the Multiverse, Liam would love to play an alternate Thor.

He was the first person to get the part. I don't know if I would be able to cross paths with him. Chris stated that it would be fun.

Chris recalled not receiving a callback for the Thor audition and said that he was certain that Liam would be chosen.

"I believe my audition was a failure. "I think that was my response," Chris said.

Chris Hemsworth Thor

He said that Liamthen came in for a great interview and was "very close to" landing the role. Liam was actually one of the "last five" people being considered for Thor.

Chris explained. I returned in, re-auditioned several times, and had a completely different attitude.

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Perhaps I was motivated by my little brother's view, which I didn't have.