UFC Champion Israel Adesanya took on Chris Pratt aggressively Wednesday morning.

Chris Pratt, vs UFC Champion

Pratt criticized Adesanya's performance at UFC 276, while he was on the official UFC broadcast.

UFC Champion

Pratt stated via TMZ that he doesn't know the game. "I don't like coming out like that talk and then kind of 

just putting on a bit of a pitter-patter. I'm like, 'C'mon, man. That promise of being so terrible*ss is a must-buy.

Adesanya was not having it and tweeted a hilarious tweet about Pratt being hit in the face with a keyboard in "Wanted." "Good morning," Adesanya tweeted. "I'm the man. You're just a fan.

Adesanya currently stands at 23-1 as a UFC fighter, so it's unlikely that he cares what others think about him.