Smith stopped his silence and shared an apology to the celebrity for the incident that caused a lot of controversies.

Smith was apologizing to the King Richard star and said that the actor is always available when Rock appears "ready to discuss." 

However, it doesn't seem like Smith has spoken to Smith at this point, but Smith did respond in some sort during a stand-up comedy show.

After the Academy Awards snafu, Chris Rock has been busy and has been performing at various places over the last couple of months.

He even put on a huge performance at MSG along with Kevin Hart and Dave Chappelle the weekend before.

This past Friday Rock was onstage in Atlanta for Chris Rock's Chris Rock Ego Death World Tour (via CNN) just an hour from when Will Smith dropped his video.

Although Rock did not mention the apology in any way, however, he did refer to his I Am Legend star when discussing the victims:

The Spiral actor has been in a sly manner when it comes to talking about his feelings regarding the events in the Oscars.

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However, Chris Rock has found humorous ways to refer to the slap in his comedy shows.