Many viewers from The Us are aware That Kate Pearson is the only girl in The Big Three. 

Chrissy Metz at the Emmys 2022

Metz portrays the role with confidence and candor, which comes from her own experiences of being judged differently due to her height.

Metz's weight played a major role in her professional career. She was subject to a lot of rejections prior to making it to The Walking Dead

At the beginning of her acting career, she was preparing for her debut pilot season (the season when new series are scheduled for autumn).

I had already shed fifty pounds prior to making the move to LA according to my manager's advice,

Chrissy Metz Lost Weight

but it became apparent to me that I needed to either lose weight or be the butt in the spirit of the game," Metz discussed in an interview with Daily Mail about her memoir, This is Me.

It wasn't difficult for Metz to realize the fact that her move toward acting was going to be a difficult road. 

"Back when I was younger, there were fewer roles that were written for actors with size," she continued. "You were considered a weight-loss or joke.

" Metz appeared in short episodes of television shows like Entourage as well as My Name Is Earl before securing This Is Us. 

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The executive producer Dan Fogelman knew size and body image would be an integral element of Kate's personality.

This enabled Metz to prove to the world that viewers have the ability and right to find people who look like her in the entertainment industry.