Chrissy Metz has shared her thoughts on getting snubbed in the 2022 Emmy Awards.

Chrissy Metz at the Emmys 2022

The nominations were announced this the 12th of July (July 12) It was revealed that the hit show received one nomination for the Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics category.

In the context of the show's sixth and final season, Is Us' sixth and final season, a lot of viewers were shocked that 

the show didn't receive more attention. Chrissy took on social networks to share her opinions on the show's denial in a candid post.

She stated in a post uploaded in Instagram Story: Instagram Story, according to Variety In the world of people who are so naturally gifted and skilled who create a show

Dan Fogelman and also perform and appear in a show Mandy Moore -- that aren't recognized for their work?

What about the way they've impacted lives and their hearts and minds, and also for the bonds that connect humans, 

and they aren't acknowledged for their work? ...I realize that it's not everything honey. However, it's certainly something.

Chrissy followed up with another blog post in writing. I'm right to be disappointed but as well, filled with gratitude and love. 

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Thank you Universe for providing this serious view.

Chrissy Metz at the Emmys 2022