After the announcement of her new pregnancy in Gucci as well as following it by revealing another "in-between" bump update with a miniskirt-sized miniskirt

Chrissy Teigen has proven once more that everything is possible in maternity clothing. In her latest Instagram photo gallery,

Teigen shared some enviable photos of her vacation in a stunning minidress with sequins.

Chrissy Teigen Proved

While the vibrant red-orange hue, as well as the super-high hemline, are eye-catching by themselves The dress's dramatic draped

silhouette only accentuated Teigen's growing belly, but also allowed it to appear unbacked, with only an ethereal swathe of fabric that swoops across her back.

The model wore elegant red heels to complete her look. And while she didn't post her address, it's evident that she's where we'd like to be,

Chrissy Teigen Proved

thanks to the breathtaking seaside views as well as her partners, her husband, John Legend, and two children, Luna and Miles.

The other day, Teigen shared images showing an unofficial moment during the trip however she did not mention the magnitude of it. What's the fuss about? Everyone was watching the camera.

"EVERYONE IS LOOKING !!!!!!! this is a big deal," she captioned her image, which shows her naked and sporting the top of her bathing suit and the cover-up of watercolor prints.