Time does not wait for a man. Janet Jackson seems to think that time stops.

Christian Siriano rescheduled show just for Janet Jackson

Page Six reports that Christian Siriano, the designer, moved his entire New York Fashion Week show earlier than usual in order to allow the celebrity to attend.

He usually shows during fashion week on Saturdays, but this year he did it on Wednesday to fit her schedule. 

He said, "If Janet's here, I don’t care if there are 10 people there. We will make it work." An insider added.

She was, as it was obvious, a sensation at Elizabeth Taylor's event. Jackson was surrounded by a large number of photographers, and one joked about the people basking in the reflected glory.

Nina Garcia, editor, and journalist Derek Blasberg had the pleasure to be seated between Jackson. One photographer stood overhead and said, "Those two are going to eat all the publicity they get."