CJ Perry has issued a (now-deleted) apology following her posting on Twitter to respond to the tweet of someone who is homeless.

The former Lana provoked criticism on Twitter after she retweeted a tweet by someone who talked about 

the difficulty of trying in order to "keep going when you're homeless" and also that every person "ignores you"

CJ Perry

and "is a reminder of what you once had," commenting, "you have a device to tweet from.

CJ Perry Apologizes

Let me make a point concerning something being talked about in tweets. The majority of people don't realize my story of being homeless twice times and had big dreams. 

I feel a lot of empathy for people who are homeless as they are homeless. However, I was fortunate for having a smartphone to tweet from.

Perry stated. "As a teen and child I was a victim of shoes that were thrown at me and I was bullied by my ballet instructors because they believed in me.

I am sorry that I was insensitive or caused more harm. I was really trying to inspire in the best manner I could.

It's insane to think about being homeless, and then getting back to all the places where I have slept, which I had blocked out of my mind. 

We really block trauma out of our memory and our brains. I'm grateful to many people on Twitter for not triggering my memories of my experience that I was homeless.