Britney Spears has removed her Instagram but it's not all lost for one of our most vocal celebrities with accounts. Her broadcasts were moved onto Twitter instead.

Okie Dokie," Spears declared in announcing a forthcoming track featuring "one of the greatest men of our generation, @eltonofficial, 

who shared a small portion of the song on Wednesday on his personal social media accounts. This is her first single in more than six decades, Spears added.

I'm a bit overwhelmed," ...," the singer said. "[I]t's significant to me !! I'm trying to meditate more and learn that my space is precious and worth it

The song is titled "Hold Me Closer," it's a remake of Elton John's "Tiny Dancer." The song's release is set for Friday and naturally, it's racked up some emotions in Spears.

If he is aware of whether or not or not, Federline is guilty of this. Federline has not only breached respect for the dignity

and privacy of the mom of his kids. He has also harmed his own children who's privacy he ought to ensure.

Britney Spear

Apart from insulting himself and ignoring societal norms, he's created legal problems for himself,

Britney Spears Announces New Song

including not just laws pertaining to cyber-harassment and cyberbullying and cyber-bullying statutes, among others.