Colin Cowherd is predicting a unexpected NFL head coach's retirement before the 2022 season's regular season.

The Fox Sports 1 host unveiled his bold predictions for the coming NFL season earlier in the week.

Colin Cowherd

The list includes: Patriots Head coach Bill Belichick will retire following the season.

Colin Cowherd

Belichick is 70, he isn't looking in slowing down any time in the near future. Yet, Cowherd is predicting he will retire at the end of his regular-season game.

The Patriots are just coming off a wild Card defeat to the Bills last season.

Colin Cowherd NFL  Surprise

New England, led by second-year quarterback Mac Jones, is hoping to improve its performance in 2022.

Cowherd is of the opinion that it's going to be Belichick's final NFL season. 

Colin Cowherd Is Predicting A Surprise