Colin Farrell is addressing the possibility of returning to an additional The Batman movie.

Colin Farrell

In a public appearance at the premiere of his new film Thirteen Lives, the actor, 46, revealed that it was his intention to play Oswald

"Oz" Cobblepot, also known as Penguin as well in the soon-to-be-announced The Batman sequel.

Batman Return Sequel

Oh my god, are you kidding me? !" Colin told Entertainment Tonight. "It's an absolute blast Are you laughing with me?

I've been on the block and I've been around the block. That was a fun game I was fun.

Colin Farrell

In April, we learned that a sequel to The Batman is in the process, with Robert Pattinson returning as the Batman, as well Matt Reeves directing again.

Matt is up to his bollocks, know, looking over the keyboard, and planning the next chapter because he's so thorough, Colin added.

Colin Colin posted an update about his upcoming series, The Penguin The Penguin series which Matt has been currently developing in conjunction with HBO Max.

He's so obsessed about his work however, he's also all over the Penguin also," Colin explained. 

Colin Farrell

"I am referring to the fact that He's not going to direct it, but he's got his hands on how the scripts are structured and who will oversee them. So, it's very exciting.

In a recent interview, Colin opened himself about his panic attacks that the actor suffered when making the show Thirteen Lives.