A comedy group is coming to the rescue of Pandora and could have a major impact on the business of streaming major way.

George Lopez is the latest comic to join the list of comedians who are taking on the streaming service that is subscription-based.

The list includes Lewis Black and Andrew "Dice" Clay, as well as the estates of George Carlin and Robin Williams.

They also say Pandora knew they had posted their comedy routines, but did not attempt to obtain licenses.

Comedians Sue Pandora

Later, they acknowledged in their regulatory documents that Pandora knew it was taking risks by allowing the content to its viewers of over 55 million.

Comedy performers are asking for compensation not only for recordings but also for the original written material, too.

As per TheWrap TheWrap, the consolidating copyright cases are aiming at changing the way they're compensated by streaming


companies Legal experts have said to the media that if they succeed, the outcome could be similar to "The Napsters of Comedy."

"Just as with music There are two copyrights that are involved in the recording of an literary copyrighted work.

exclusive copyright in the audio recording, and a second copyright on the spoken word work ... Any person who wants to acquire the

right obtain this right must first get permission from the copyright holder in both copyrights and also pay the agreed-upon royalties," George Lopez's lawsuit states.