"Y'all are so into saying a"n*gga must love me" because my dad, Snoop Dogg, Cori Broadus rants to her fans. "Like why doesn't he love me just for me...

According to Cori Broadus, who is 23 years old Cori Broadus, the relationships she has through her account go much deeper "than being just the rapper's daughter.

"I'm my personal person," she reminded readers. I'm more than this and I'm a bit annoyed by the fact that I feel I have to go to do this, yet I've had to deal with this issue in high school.

The singer said it's "frustrating to say the least" to be forced to consider whether the men who are in her life

are only around due to her famous father. "I find it difficult to live here, you f*cking sucks," she said.

she added, "You're really miserable and it's sad. It's really hard not to allow people's comments to affect you  but I'm human and the words cause pain."

How can you find the time to go on a page and talk about shit?" Broadus asked. "It did not make sense to me. 

However, if they meet you in person, it's a different story. It's so vile. I'm praying for you 'cuz it's an illness.

Cori - who is also known by her moniker in music, CHOC - is in a relationship with the creative director Wayne Deuce, 

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who shows lots of affection to her on his personal IG page. Take a look at some of their most romantic moments below.