WNBA player Brittney Griner was "wrongfully detained" in Russia for more than 150 days. But the former triple World Series champion Curt

In the early morning hours of Sunday, Schilling shot back by twittering LeBron James his comments about

the BG situation, and stating"the Phoenix Mercury center should "pay the penalty" for her actions.

Curt Schilling's 

It may sound as if it's a stretch" Schilling said. "But around 300 million people are aware of "OBEY THE LAW'.

Why does that pose such a big problem? What is the reason she is not punished for violating laws in another country?

Griner is being held in a different country since February after Russian authorities discovered hashish oil in her suitcase at the Moscow airport.

At her hearing in the month of March, the seven-time All-Star agreed to plead guilty to the charges and told the judge that "I didn't want to break the law."

In reaction to a user's attempt to push back a little regarding the track record of Russia's verdicts Schilling replied:

"She has, as far as I can tell from her every word she has never denied ever committing the crime, not even once.