Dakota Johnson is featured on the front of Vanity Fair's July 2022 issue, available for purchase on the 5th of July.

In the magazine, Dakotaspoke about how she came up with"the" Fifty Shades of Grey franchise...and she made reference to the entire process as well as what transpired to be "psychotic."

When I asked him about fifty Shades, Dakotaresponded that I'm sexually inclined, and when I'm intrigued by something, I'm inclined to know everything I can about it. 

That's the reason I made the big naked films. I signed up for something completely different from the film we ultimately made.

Dakota Johnson 

The writer writes that they sought out Dakota what the issue was...the director or the studio.

Dakota Johnson

She responded, "Combo," before adding. "It has also been the creator of the book." The author of this book is E.L. James who goes by Erika.

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When she signed up, Dakota was going to collaborate alongside her co-stars Charlie Hunnam and playwright Patrick Marber on the film.

Charlieeventually was forced to leave the project. James was so furious, Johnson says, that she decided to scrap the script.

I was a young man. I was 23. That's why it was frightening," Dakotasaid. "It turned into something crazy...There were many various opinions.

I've never been able to discuss this in a straight-forward manner for a long time, as you need to make a film more popular in with a proper

method and I'm very happy with what we did finally and everything goes exactly how it should however, it was a bit tricky.