The Dan+ Shay 30-year-old singer announced on Friday, August 12th that he and his 31-year-old wife are expecting their third child. It was a funny announcement that involved their two children.

In an Instagram video, Shay and Hannah speak to their sons Asher (5 years old) and Ames (2 years old).

They discuss having another sibling. Both boys say they would like a sister. Hannah reveals that she's expecting another boy.

Asher said, "I wanted to be a sister." "I know baby," Hannah replies. "God knows exactly what we need,

Dan + Shay's Shay Mooney

and He decided that you needed another baby brother. You're such an excellent big brother to Amnesty."

Dan + Shay's Shay Mooney

Asher asks, "But does he understand that I want to have a girl so is it he gonna give me a girl baby?"

The video cuts to Ames who appears confused by the news and then says, "Oh!" He then leans into Hannah's stomach and says, "Hey!"