The actor, 77, was caught during the lie detector test conducted by Vanity Fair and was given his daughter, Lucy,

to fire away with a plethora of questions. Lucy begins with a few softballs in order to test the machine that detects lies before the fun commences.

After being asked about the greatest actor ever to play Batman (more on this later) DeVito is asked "What is it about that Penguin," as Lucy is shown a picture of the headshot taken by Farrell.

"Oh, Colin? I love Colin," DeVito says. "He's an excellent person. My Penguin was much better."

Danny DeVito

DeVito's reply drew hysterical laughter from Lucy. However, DeVito did not want to be a fool, as this was an examination for lying and everything,

he was required to be able to answer: "Was that the truth?" Then, the person who conducted the test for lying detectors is heard saying "You are lying," which drew even more laughter!

"It definitely could have been," DeVito added. "In my view. My opinion. A good man, however. Colin is a great guy."

In fact, as Batman enthusiasts are aware, DeVito played the iconic Penguin character in the 1992 action film Batman Returns

Michael Keaton reprised his role as Batman in the movie and it's easy to understand why when it comes to the subject of

who the greatest Batman has ever been, DeVito believes that"all the credit goes to Keaton. Sorry, Robert Pattinson!