Green Bay Packers legend Brett Favre doesn't think he'll have the same results now that he's playing for the Las Vegas Raiders.

It's a struggle to shift gears, especially for the likes of Aaron Rodgers," told Favre in an interview with TMZ Sports.

"I believe Derek Carr is a very competent quarterback, however, the fact is, he's not in Aaron's league at the moment. It's unlikely to be, but that's no disrespect.

Adams was a Green Bay native who spent the entirety of his profession in Green Bay prior to being traded to the Raiders in the spring of this year.

Adams is back with his former college teammate and buddy Derek Carr in Las Vegas. Adams was raised in his home on the West Coast and rooted for the Raiders when he was young.

Although Rodgers is the reigning two-time NFL MVP Adams is able to maintain an excellent relationship with Carr who isn't going to retire anytime soon.

Adams is now in his 30-year-old season with Fresno State. Rodgers might always be the superior player over Carr but one will end up out of the league within three years while the other one isn't.

While it could have helped Adams to remain with Green Bay for as long as Rodgers made the decision to join the team, 

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he needs to make decisions that are most beneficial for his family and career in the long run.