The comedian, who is now 62, was enjoying the music before he heard the singer's legendary voice and thought "Ooh Oh no! Oh, I'm not the person!"

After listening to one track the singer quickly found the record store where he could purchase the album.

He went to his vehicle which was parked on a street that was not his and went through the album from start to finish.

There were plenty of things which she and I have been discussing," Coulier said. "Like the idea that your handshake is similar to an octopus. 

I would say"Hey dead fish me! and then we'd perform the dead handshake with a fish. Then I began listening to it,

and then I was thinking, 'Oh I'm thinking I might have actually hurt the woman. That was the first thing I thought of.

There's nothing to reveal," Morissette, 48, told Andy Cohen in the year 2019. However, I am interested in the thought or the fact that several people have claimed credit for it.

I'm contemplating, I'm not sure what you're going to do if you're looking to take on the credit of being the one I wrote 'You Should Know about.

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