Deborah Roberts is grieving the loss of Annette, her oldest sister. ABC News correspondent, 61 announced the death of her sister via social media on Tuesday.

In a Twitter statement, Roberts stated that Annette died after a battle against dementia. She called it a deplorable disease.

Annette, my oldest sister, has passed away. She wrote the words alongside a picture of them together. She was an inspirational and warm presence in my life.

Dementia claimed her life as it claims the lives of more than 200 million Americans every year. "A terrible disease that I hope we can cure one day," she said.

Roberts also wrote a longer tribute to Annette on Instagram. In it, she talked about Annette's life, legacy, and the things she loved about her.

She began by pointing to two throwback photos of her sister. Annette, my oldest sister, has passed away. Annette, my oldest sister,

struggled with Alzheimer's disease for 5-6 years. Then she succumbed to complications that took away all of the things that made her special. This disease is horrible.

Annette was my role-model as a child," she said. She was the first person in our family to attend college. 

She looked like a movie star to everyone around her. She is the reason I love high fashion. (Or, I can blame her).

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