Demi Lovato is having a great time with her boyfriend! The singer-songwriter and musician, 29,

Demi Lovato Has a New Boyfriend

and her lover Jute took a trip out for a meal date at the restaurant Haswell Green's on Wednesday night (August 17) in New York City.

In the evening Demi, as well as the performer, were seen holding hands when they left the hotel and went towards the eatery.

The only moment that the pair of Demi Jutes and Jutes have been seen together following the news earlier in the month the actress had had a new boyfriend.

Demi the singer, who has recently revealed that she's adopted "she/her" pronouns again will release the album she has been working on for eight years, Holy Fvck on the 19th of August.

In a recent interview, Demi addressed the rumors about a track that is featured in the album.

Demi Lovato Dinner With New Boyfriend At NYC