Demi Lovato is currently recovering from a crystal injury. You read that correctly.

Demi Lovato suffers facial injury

The singer shared the news via TickTok Wednesday. She also showed a photo showing a gash near their eyebrows.

Demi Lovato 

The video was set to the "They're Gonna know" viral audio clip. Lovato uttered f*** at end.

Demi Lovato Wears Wig 

Although they didn't explain exactly what caused the crystal injury, you can expect a detailed explanation from ABC's Jimmy Kimmel live on Thursday night.

Since their near fatal overdose in 2018, Lovato has been a big believer in crystals as a healing agent.

They displayed crystals that are known for their healing powers in a 2021 Washington Post article.

Demi Lovato suffers facial injury

It was noted that crystals and their healing powers had been widely accepted in Hollywood. Lovato puts a lot of effort into themselves to keep sobriety,

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fight depression, and manage their eating disorder. This includes therapy and meditation.