Demi Moore has officially left the market, and appears happier as ever husband Chef Daniel Humm! The Indecent Proposal

The icon, 59, has just posted a status update on her relationship in a cute blog post for her 2.9 million followers.

Demi Moore

It's an adorable date photo of her and Humm along with her pup Pilaf together at the 2022 French Open finals.

The day they shared their date at the sports field, Moore also posted a photo album of her as well as her Swiss lover 46,

who was visiting her at the Palace of Versailles on their recent French holiday? The three photos included an image of them in shadow,

a cute photo of him kissing her forehead and then a picture that showcased their gorgeous European style , complete with their body picture of them in an amazing garden.

As per Us Weekly, the publication first confirmed Moore as well as Humm were seen together back in April , after the pair were seen with each other in front of the Paris Fashion Week show.

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Humm is most famously known for his role as the proprietor and operator of Eleven Madison Park restaurant in New York City,