Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards are always "in the right place". Denise, who has Lola and Eloise , told Us Weekly magazine that she is always in a good spot with him.

It's wonderful to be able to support each other and not have to judge what something might or might not be.

Sami joined OnlyFans shortly after Denise signed up for the adult-only subscription platform. She finds it "empowering"

She stated that OnlyFans has many different types of music and people, much like Instagram and Twitter, and Facebook.

You can be yourself, whatever age you are, and it doesn't matter if someone disagrees or supports your views. You can be yourself on the internet and make money for your own content.

It's empowering to be able to support it, I think. After Sami's admission that she had joined OnlyFans, her father, who also has Cassandra (35),

Paula Profit and the 13-year-old twins Bob, Max and Brooke Mueller, - said he couldn't "condone her" decision.

He stated that she was now 18 years old and lives with her mother. I was unable to stop it so I encouraged her to be classy and creative, but not to sacrifice her integrity.

He later thanked his 51-year old ex-wife for changing his mind. Charlie, 56, stated that Denise - now married to Aaron Phypers 

– had highlighted a number of salient points which I,in my haste overlooked and dismissed 

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