In a recent interview " The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" the alum said that the 18-year-old made promises to her about the content she would post through the subscription-based platform.

"I had heard of OnlyFans. I had never been on there, so I didn't even know really what it was,"

Denise Richards Reveal

the actress shared on Thursday, September 1, during a segment of SiriusXM's " Jeff Lewis Live". "But I heard obviously a lot of different things."

But, Sami, whom she shares with her ex-husband Charlie Sheen has reportedly assured her mother that she wouldn't go overboard with her belongings. 

"And she reassured me that she was going to keep it very tasteful to mainly, like, bikini stuff, bathing suit and stuff like that," Denise said.

Denise also spoke about how she came to the decision following Sami was a target of a lot of criticism about the OnlyFans venture.

"The reason why I wanted to join was that she got so much backlash for that that I didn't think it was really fair," the TV host of 51 explained.

"But I thought, this is not fair that she would be getting so much backlash when a lot of people post stuff like that on Instagram. 

Not to take it as far as you can take it on OnlyFans, obviously. But still, I just felt that it was not really fair for her to get that kind of backlash."