Deshaun Watson is Suspended and Fined, Following the Settlement between NFL, and NFLPA. Deshaun Watson has been suspended and Fined Following a settlement between NFL, and NFLPA. 

The settlement was made following Watson had been charged with sexually attacking massage therapists in March 2021.

The settlement was reached following Watson has been charged with sexual assault of massage therapists in March 2021. 

Watson is suspended for 11 regular season games and no payment. Watson is suspended for 11 games during the regular season without payment.

Watson is also penalized $5 million and must be subject to "a professional assessment by experts in the field of behavioral medicine and will be following the treatment program."

The fine is also $5 million and will participate in "a professional evaluation conducted by behavioral experts and follow their treatment plan."

Roger Goodell, NFL commissioner said that "Deshaun is committed to doing the work which is essential before his involvement in the NFL." 


Roger Goodell, NFL commissioner stated "Deshaun is committed to doing the work to prepare in his journey back to the NFL.". 

Jerry Jones

Watson has issued contradictory statements following the announcement of the settlement accepting "accountability" to his behavior, but claiming innocence.