At the Abbott Estate, Traci says to Kyle that the reception at home is bound to be romantic. She suspects that he's trying to make it a surprise to his bride.

The conversation shifts to hockey when Summer comes in. Summer immediately suspects they're concealing something and wants to know what's actually happening.

Summer thinks it's related to the story. Kyle is in a daze. Traci gives an excuse and then leaves. His wife gives him the report. He's sure that his mother is horrified.

Nick is sitting with Adam in the bar of Adam's bar on the GCAC rooftop. Nick asks questions regarding his job offer with Jabot and Adam inquires about his progress.

The brother says that it's okay. Adam isn't being courteous but he's more concerned about how he's doing. "I'll overcome it.

I'm sure it isn't going to happen in a day," Nick says. Nick's brother is encouraging him to speak to someone.

He sighs, Nick says that he's not a child and is not reliving any of his memories. Adam encourages him to ask Sharon to recommend someone she can talk to about this.

This isn't something Nick is prepared to do. He's not looking forward to repeating the events that took place with an unknown person. 

His brother warns him that the longer he is away from it, the more powerful his demons become. Adam would prefer Nick to end up being just like him.