Wednesday, Dionne Warwick was sitting in the U.S. Open stands when announcers mistakenly identified her as another legendary singer Gladys Knight.

Former tennis player and analyst Mary Carillo was mistakenly named Knight, 78 when the camera was actually showing Warwick (81).

She made the same mistake as Chanda, her colleague. However, she later said she meant to refer to the person she saw in the stands and not the monitor.

Twitter users were in a frenzy when the clip showing the mix-up went viral, with one user writing, "Seriously?"

These announcers weren't aware of the difference between Dionne Warswick and Gladys Knight While someone else wrote "How dare they!"

Both women were able to find humor in the situation and used social media to clarify the confusion.

Dionne Warwick and Gladys Knight

Warwick joked about the incident on Thursday via a tweet: "Hi, I am Gladys Knight... instead of taking that midnight railway to Georgia,

I will not walk on by but I will say a little prayer for your??" This was a cheeky reference both to Knight's "Midnight Train To Georgia" as well as her own songs, "Walk on By"

Knight also made a comment to let Twitter users that there weren't any hard feelings. Knight tweeted on Thursday, 

"Dionne is my sister for a long while and I hope she's as proud to be mistaken for her as I am for her."

"I'm certain it was an honest error. It was a blessing that I could be there to witness Serena's amazingness."